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Design to empower

Revamp K-12 teaching and learning
From data visualization to building platform
Ease sign up flow
Get inspired in augmented reality
Strive | Empower retired student athletes
Farmed | Harness the power of data for farmers

Experiment to inspire

An enhanced tactual and musical experience
A museum exhibit of Hansen's disease
A photo frame to connect people

Story to share

Experience Designer

I am an SF based designer who's eager to tackle complexity and contribute my design thinking and skills to making meaningful impact on the world. I like to think about the big picture, to craft a holistic experience, as well as to zoom in to specific interaction and pixel-perfect design. I’ve worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small startups on enterprise-centric or consumer-facing products.

With a strong growth mindset, I always enjoy reflecting and learning. I am a self starter who embraces perspectives, harnesses ambiguity and strives in challenges. I believe collaboration and diversity make an awesome team who deliver great products. When I am not designing, you will find me trekking in the wilderness or running with my dog in the neighborhood.


Career Journey at EchoUser

How I got to HCI/d program

Nature Trekker

Without much outdoor experience, I hiked John Muir Trail alone for 26 days, 240 miles total. It is a life changing experience. I met amazing hikers on the trail who brought me different perspectives. I reflected on the meaning of life, tried to connect the dots, and realized that design to me is a means to empower people and that I still have this dream deep in my heart to make the world a better place.

Through the mountains and valleys, besides the lakes and waterfalls, among the forests, under the sunrise, sunset and milky way... I have found another home in the wilderness, as well as more appreciation of the nature and civilization. I have set a goal to be a whisperer of the beauty of nature and to protect the planet.

Nature worth sharing

26-day JMT Solo Thru Hike